Projects/Case Studies


Projects/Case Studies


Hood Road Water Treatment Plant


SISCO worked with the General Contractor and Reverse Osmosis skid manufacturer to provide flow control solutions for this state of the art, 30.5 MGD water treatment facility for the Seacoast Utility ity in West Palm Beach, FL.   SISCO provided Bray / McCannalok High Performance Butterfly valves and Bray Resilient-Seated Butterfly valves in Duplex Stainless Steel to insure a long service life and trouble-free operation.


Process components of the 30.5 MGD finished WTP included: 26 MGD of Nano filtration membranes, 3.5 MGD of Low Pressure RO membranes and 1 MGD of pretreated local surficial aquifer blend water. Work included construction of a Pretreatment System, Membrane Process and Administration Building including NF and LPRO equipment and pumps, Degasification and Odor Control Complex, Clearwell Complex, Chemical Feed & Storage systems and a High Service pump station.



SISCO & Insultech help keep fans at state university safe from excessive heat & increases efficiency.

A prominent state university came to SISCO for our expertise to solve a recurring problem on campus.  Many of the manhole covers throughout the campus provide access to underground steam lines to distribute steam across campus.  There were leaks and lack of proper insulation on both piping and valves in these vaults.  These leaks were creating an unsafe condition due to the significant increase in temperature of the manhole covers, with some of these reaching as much as 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

SISCO indentified a solution to the problem with the use of Insultech Thermal Blankets. These are highly specialized and custom fabricated to each specific application. With the installation of these removable and re-usable Thermal Blankets we were able to reduce the manhole temperature by over 30% as well as increase the efficiency of the underground steam transmission lines.

SW Manta Pic 1SW Manta Pic 2 

SISCO trusted to supply all valves for the SeaWorld Manta Life-Support System (LSS)

SISCO’s valued relationship with SeaWorld grows again with the latest addition to the SeaWorld Park, the Manta Roller Coaster attraction. The highly corrosive nature of the LSS environment requires a complex variety of internal and extra materials to perform well and protect the valuable sea life. Due to the delicate nature of the Sting Rays habitat, we worked with Bray Control to develop a Nylon-11 coated 316ss Disc that will protect the valve disc from corrosion and the aquatic life from iron leaching into their habitat. Additionally, the valve bodies are also coated with the same Nylon-11 coating to protect them from the higher ozone content in the atmosphere where these valves will reside. All electrical operators are also provided with highly specialized coatings to ensure that they will have very long service life in this demanding environment.

Miami Filter - Bray


SISCO & Bray Controls is the Preferred Valve Supplier for Miami Filter

SISCO has become a trusted supplier for Manual and Automated Butterfly Valves for use on all Miami Filter Skid packages. The combination of competitive pricing, quality Bray Butterfly valves, and attentive service gives Miami Filter what they need to produce Sand Filters on time and on budget.



SISCO helps local Utility deal with avoiding a shut down.

SISCO lent it’s expertise to a Central Florida Utility wanting to perform some maintenance to their chilled water loop without interrupting service to a local amusement park. The above 20” knife gate is used as part of a bypass of their chilled water loop. The bypass allowed the customer to use their 17 million gallon thermal storage tank that provides chilled water to the local amenities, while some of the existing lines were re-worked.


SISCO & EIM Controls selected for a major retro-fit project @ Florida Power & Light – Sanford Plant

When it comes to very important and highly technical retro-fit projects, look no further than SISCO. We worked closely with the customer and EIM Controls (Emerson Process Management) to provide new Electric Actuators for multiple gate valves in a critical application. These units require very specific controls and must be relied upon to keep the plant’s down-time to a minimum.


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