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Butterfly Valves

Bray Resilient Seated BFV's
Series 3A/3AH

Series 3A/3AH

Double Flanged Butterfly Valve


Bray’s Series 3A/3AH valves are a double flanged design which can be used for dead-end service. All Bray valves are tested to 110% of full pressure rating before shipment.


A major design advantage of Bray valve product lines is international compatibility. The same valve is compatible with most world flange standards – ASME Class 125/150, BS 10 Tables D and E, BS 4504 NP 10/16, DIN ND 10/16, AS 2129 and JIS10. In addition, the valves are designed to comply with ISO 5752 – Table 2 (short pattern) face-to-face and ISO 5211 actuator mounting flanges. Therefore, one valve design can be used in many different world markets.


Bray interchangeability and compatibility offers the best in uniformity of product line and low-cost performance in the industry today.


Nylon 11 Coating


A thermoplastic coating produced from a vegetable base and is USDA Approved, as well as, certified to ASME/NSF61 for water service. It is inert to fungus growth and mold, has excellent resistance to impact and provides a very low coefficient of friction.


Nylon 11 also has superior corrosion resistance and has been used successfully in many applications such as water, cement, food and seawater. Bray’s Nylon 11 coating has been salt spray tested in excess of 2000 hours and used in seawater immersion service for over 25 years without any deterioration of the coating resulting in no corrosion to the coated metal components. As a result, the use of Nylon 11 in seawater with elevated chloride levels between 30,000 – 40,000 ppm continues to increase.

Series 30/31

Series 30/31

The Series 30/31 is built to meet the stringent requirements for many of today’s applications. Availiable in wafer or lug style body with unique features that results in longer service life, easy parts replacement, and interchangability of components. The unique Double-D Disc/Stem connection eliminates exposure of the stem and stem retention componets to the line media. The unique tougue-in-groove seat design provides for easy replacement and are self-sealing between flanges.


Body: (Std) Cast Iron ASTM A126 Class B; (Opt) Ductile Iron, Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A216-WCB, Aluminum


Seat: EPDM, Buna-N, FKM-AAB, White Buna-N


Disc: Aluminum Bronze, Ductile Iron, Nylon-Coated Ductile Iron, Halar Coated Ductile Iron, 316ss, Hastelloy


Stem: 416ss, 304ss, 316ss, Monel


Availiable 2" – 20" in Wafer or Lug Style Body.

Series 20/21

Series 20/21

The Series 20/21 is built to meet the stringent requirements for many of today’s applications. The 2-piece wafer or lug style body allows for easy assembly and maintenance. The 1-piece Disc/Stem allows for greater Cv and pressure recovery.


Body: (Std) Cast Iron ASTM A126 Class B; (Opt) Ductile Iron, 316ss, Aluminum


Seat: EPDM, Buna-N, FKM-AAB, White Buna-N, PTFE-Lined EPDM


Disc/Stem: A351-CF8M 316ss, Teflon/17-4PHss, EPDM/17-4PHss, Buna-N/17-4PHss, FKM-AAB/17-4PHss


Availiable 1" – 20" in Wafer Style Body & 2" – 20" in Lug Style Body.

Bray High-Performance BFV's
Series 4A HP BFV

Series 4A HP BFV

Series 40/41/42/43/44/45 High-Performance Butterfly Valve

High-Performance, High-Pressure, High-Temperature, ZERO-Leakage!

*Wafer or Lug Style Bodies

*ASME Class 150# (2.5″ – 60″); Class 300 (2.5″ – 54″); Class 600 (3″ – 30″)

*Avaliable in API 607 5th Edition “Fire-Safe” Trim.

Series 22/23 HPV Butterfly Valve

Series 22/23 HPV Butterfly Valve

Bray Triple-Offset BFV's



Tri-Lok Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

High Performance Triple-Offset Valve (Wafer/Lug/Flanged) 3″- 60″ (80mm-1500mm)


Bray Controls is proud to introduce the Tri-Lok® Series Triple-Offset Butterfly Valve – the latest evolution in high performance quarter turn valve technology. Bray’s Tri-Lok is the only triple offset built with 21st Century innovation.

The Tri-Lok Series offers customers the benefit of Bray’s innovation. Design improvements include:

  • *Unique Hub & Bearing system provides maximum stem support while preventing media ingress.
  • *Unique Splined disc/stem connection facilitates self-alignment of the disc seal with the seat, and eliminates the requirements of external pins, key-ways and other types of fasteners.
  • *Seat/Seal system features field replaceable body seats and disc seals

Bray Large Diameter BFV's

Series 32/33/35/36 Resilient Seated BFV

This line of Large Diameter, Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves (BFV) offers greater reliability and log service life due to their unique design features that minimizes the parts exposed to the line media.

Series 32/33/35/36 Resilient Seated BFV

Series 32– Wafer Style Body (Rated to 75 psi)
Series 33 – Wafer Style Body (Rated to 150 psi)
Series 35 – Double-Flanged Style body (Rated to 75 psi)
Series 36 – Double-Flanged Style body (Rated to 150 psi)


真人百家家乐官网网站homestead AWWA BFV's

Series 820 AWWA BFV

This valve is in full compliance with AWWA C504, Class 150B. Exceptional Value, superior quality, and dependable performance in water & wastewater applications. Valves are suited for Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, or Electric Actuation.

  • Body: ASTM A126, Class B Cast Iron
  • Disc: Ductile Iron (w/ Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating & 316ss Edge)
  • Shaft: 304ss
  • Seat: Buna-N
  • Availiable 3"-24" with Flanged or Mechanical Joint Ends.

Ultraflo BFV's